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Believing in the Resurrection

He who denies the possibility of the resurrection must, consequently, deny the creation from nonentity. He also denies the power of God as well as His existence.
But the believers, who have true faith in God and believe in His divine power as a creator of man, consider the resurrection a very simple matter, easy to believe in.

God has promised the believers eternal life. "And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die. Do you believe this?" (John 11:26). Jesus resurrection is nothing but proof of God's promise to all believers.

The Hymns of Pascha

It has been said that the hymns of the Coptic Orthodox Church are among the oldest ecclesiastical chants still chanted today in the entire world. The service of the ritual is interspersed with a number of hymns of great antiquity and amazing magnificence. The mournful tunes fill us with comfort and inner relief. They lead man into impalpability and transcendence over worldliness to rest in the serenity and peace of God. In addition to these hymns, most parts of the Holy Week service are set to plain tunes—simple in their structure, but matchless in their penetration and their power to bring man into the depth of devotion thereby filling him with celestial ecstasy.