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New Year's Resolution: Reading the entire Bible

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As you prepare for the new year, why not commit to reading the entire Bible in 2017? It’s not as hard as you might think.

The Bible contains around 775,000 words. The average adult reads 250 words per minute. That means if you read the Bible for just 10 minutes per day, you’ll get through the whole thing in a year!

Botroseya Church bombing on Wikipedia

Information and facts can be found on Wikipedia:

Nativity Fast - Nov. 26 to Jan. 6

The Feast of the Nativity is the feast of the whole of humanity. It is the feast by which the human nature is transformed. We had sinned in this nature, and so God rejected it; but what we lost as a result of sin was transformed in this Feast to a nature that can stand once more in the presence of God. For God the Logos took flesh from the Virgin Mary through the Holy Spirit, and united Himself with this flesh hypostatically, a union which cannot even be separated by death.

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H.H. Pope Tawadros - Letter regarding the Youth Service abroad 10/11/2016

To view the letter in arabic - please click the following links:
First Page
Second Page