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Papal Message of the Glorious Resurrection Feast, 2016

Holy Week Schedule at El Maqar

Bright Saturday – April 30th, 2016
•THE HOLY LITURGY ◦4:00am – 6:30am
•EASTER MASS: ◦6:00pm – 12:30am

Easter Sunday – May 1st, 2016
•Sunday School Celebration ◦10:00am – 3:00pm

Banquet May 22, 2016: Fundraising for the Third Building.

For more information, check our Events Page.

The Great Lent - Monday, March 7th to Friday, April 22nd

The Great Lent Hymns: Click Here

First Week

The start of the Holy Lent is a move towards the heavenly Father, and surrendering the whole life between His hands. It is to feel His merciful embrace, to enjoy the warmth of His Devin love during prayer, during holy contemplation, and to live with Him in all our work and activity during lent.