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Prayers for Fr. Samaan following the Sunday Liturgy - 10/15/2017

Prayers were held at El Maqar for the martyrdom of Fr. Samaan Shehata in Egypt. Coptic Society has decided to set up an account to try to help the family with future expenses. You may donate at:

Story of the Miracle of Moving El Mokatam Mountain in Egypt

In commemoration of this miracle, the Coptic Orthodox Church observes three days of fasting before the beginning of the Nativity Fast. The Miracle was performed by Simon the Tanner (10th century), also known as Saint Simon the Shoemaker (Sama'an el-kharraz). Saint Simon lived during the reign of the Fatimid Caliph Al-Muizz Li-Deenillah (972-975) and Abraham the Syrian who became the 62 nd Coptic Pope at that time (975 to 978).

El Maqar announcements via text messages

All registered phone numbers will soon receive text messages along with voice messages from Fr. Moises regarding any church announcements or special events. We are working on adding the text messaging service.

Sunday School - Schedule Change

Sunday School is now every Saturday. It will no longer be held on Sunday after the liturgy.

El Nairoz feast celebration on Monday 9/11 - 7 PM

H.G. Bishop Karas and Fr. Moises invite you to attend the celebration of El Nairoz feast at the 3rd building at El Maqar on Monday 9/11 at 7 PM. Members from the Egyptian Consulate will attend the celebration. We will also honor H.E. Ambassador Ahmed Farouk- Consul General of Egypt for the end of his term at the Egyptian Consulate in New York.

El Maqar TV - One Channel

We have consolidated El Maqar channels into one single channel. This will help us provide higher quality of service and longer hours of operation. We continue to broadcast on YouTube and USNile and soon on other IP TV boxes and Satellite. To support our service, please donate online by visiting our donation page.