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Halloween in America - by H.G. Bishop Suriel

The subject of Halloween is something that has caught my attention over the last few weeks. Some might ask Why?

As this is a natural part of life in America, they may add that: “this is the second important occasion on our yearly calendar after Christmas. Its a fun time for us and our children, who dress up in a scary clothes and go around trick or treating and having lots of fun” Fun? I am not so sure about that? Can we call dressing up our children as vampires, ghosts, devils and witches as fun? As I passed through some stories, I was some what surprised by how much impact Halloween played in people lives. It was everywhere, in shopping centers, banks, hospitals, households, everywhere you could see signs of people preparing for this “fun” celebration. I was even asked by one person in a retail store where I had obtained my black gown, because this was exactly what she was looking for, for a Halloween party! When I replied “from Egypt”, she became so sad, perhaps because she expected me to tell her which costume shop I had bought it from!

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